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We invite you to visit the sauna of the Praha hotel recreation complex in Uzhhorod! Modern equipment in combination with traditional cosmetology techniques will allow you to completely relax, restore strength and get a boost of energy!

Why relaxing in the bath is so useful?

A visit to the bath (chan) is an old tradition of Transcarpathian people – a source of pleasure and complete relaxation, as well as recovery from many chronic diseases. It is worth observing the rules of visiting the bath, so that the benefits of the procedure are significant. 

The benefits of the steam room can’t be overestimated – cleansing the pores of the skin causes an improvement of blood circulation, stimulation of metabolic processes. With a combination of bath and cosmetic procedures, the effect of the latter increases – useful substances provide tissue nutrition at a deep level and this allows you to influence the cause of age-related changes. 

The alternation of steam exposure and bathing in a cold font or pool gives an excellent workout for blood vessels and the heart. A regular visit to the bath provides good muscle training, improves metabolism. Excess water is removed through the pores of the skin, and with it, swelling, toxins and toxins will go away.

Our bath comfortably accommodates up to 10 people

Price (by prior arrangement) – 1500 UAH (per 2  hours)

For regular guests we have a flexible discounts system and nice bonuses in the form of massage and other additional services.

At your service (until 00.00) there is a sports bar, where a wide selection of real Czech beer and other types of soft drinks are always available.

Bathing in a vat

There are wonderful places to relax after the procedure – wooden arbors in the comfort of an old oak forest. A wonderful selection of grill menus and a variety of fresh, tea, compote and other types of drinks will satisfy the most demanding guest. 

A chan is a boiler-shaped container. We used bathing in a vat for a long time – the ancient Celts who inhabited this region used this procedure to treat wounds and various diseases. The cast-iron tub is filled with cold mineral water, and a fire is kindled under it; gradually the water is heated to 35-40 degrees. The temperature of the water in the tub is optimally 40 degrees. Tankers with extensive experience can bring the temperature to 42 degrees and boil this way even unprepared people, which gives them the full healing power of water. Bathing in a tub alternates with immersion in nearby cold water – the temperature difference has a particularly anti-aging effect on the skin and positively affects the state of the human body. 

Price (by prior arrangement) – 1500 UAH (per 2  hours).

The vat comfortably accommodates 4 people

The healing effect of bathing in a vat

The effect of bathing is incredible – stresses are forgotten, fatigue and depression disappear, insomnia and other nervous disorders, the musculoskeletal system improves, and bouts of neuralgia, rheumatism, osteochondrosis cease to disturb. Bathing has a positive effect on the healing of veins, blood vessels, restoration of normal blood circulation. Doctors noticed that regular visits to the vat greatly reduce the risk of colds – the healing components of mineral water penetrate the skin pores, toxins and toxins are removed from the body, the skin becomes smooth and supple. Such hardening of the body improves the activity of the musculoskeletal system, nervous and cardiovascular systems, enhances libido (for both sexes), stimulates the functions of the immune system and thyroid gland, helps in recovering from injuries and fractures, restores skin elasticity. The healing properties of the font return the body to a harmonious balance!